参考:VPSのSubsonicを4.7にアップデート! - console.lealog();






  • New: Introduced Subsonic Premium. (Note: Existing licenses will remain valid)
  • New: Re-import playlists if file timestamp has changed.
  • New: Make playlist folder setting visible again.
  • New: Changed bitrate to video resolution mapping.
  • New: Added Norwegion Nynorsk translation, courtesy of Kevin Brubeck Unhammer.
  • New: Updated Dutch translation, courtesy of W. van der Heijden.
  • New: Updated German translation, courtesy of deejay2302.
  • New: Updated French translation, courtesy of Yoann Spicher.
  • New: Updated Simplified Chinese translation, courtesy of Zhenghao Zhu.
  • Bugfix: Settings > Network doesn't show error if a address is in use.
  • Bugfix: Improved speed of tag editing.
  • Bugfix: Ogg dates not always parsed properly.
  • Bugfix: Sort songs by filename if track number is missing.
  • Bugfix: Fix init exception in podcast bean.
  • Bugfix: Links to minisub and apps icons doesn't honor context path.
  • Bugfix: Less aggressive removal of track number from title.
  • Bugfix: HLS broken with context path.
  • Bugfix: Video player didn't require authentication.
  • Bugfix: Download cover to replace in-metadata image results in renaming music file (".old").
  • REST: Added Podcast methods.
  • REST: Added bookmark methods.
  • REST: Added getInternetRadioStations.
  • REST: Added getGenres.
  • REST: Added getSongsByGenre.
  • REST: Added option to disable transcoding when streaming.
  • REST: Fixed a bug in getAlbumList which caused it to return non-albums in some cases.
  • REST: Support CORS.
  • REST: Support "parent" attribute in getMusicDirectory.
  • Tech: Install Java 7 rather than Java 6.